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The 'TV' Part 1 :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 1 2
~The Padawan 2~Chapter 10
Lydia Davis
Chapter X
“Captain!” Ceacilia walked out with her gun in her right hand. The gunshots and constant throwing of grenades caused dust to loom in the air, making it hard to see. The Soldier dressed in a red military suit, and a captain insignia on the side of his arm ran towards Ceacilia, pushing her towards the ground. “HIT THE DIRT!” The soldier covered her head with his arm protectively. “Majesty, there’s been a raid.”
Ceacilia frowned. “Who?”
“The First Order, ma’am, you shouldn’t be here.”
Ceacilia waved her hand in objection. “Nonsense, this is just a much my problem as it is yours.”
“Should we pursue?” The Captain awaited her word.
Ceacilia put her hand to her chin. “Yes, but proceed with caution. This isn’t a normal attack. It might be trap.”
“Yes ma’am.” The Captain signaled a handful of men to foll
:iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 1 2
~The Padawan 2~Chapter 9
Lydia Davis
Chapter IX
Audi tap her navicomputer impatiently.
Not a signal, not a light, no sign. Where is she?
Ceacilia isn’t irresponsible, she must be here somewhere, I’m being rational. I need to think. I need to use the Force. Feel where she is, not think.
A slight glimpse of purple and black floated past Audi’s train of thought.
Yes, yes, that was Ceacilia. She’d know that bushy head anywhere. Audi turned her engine back on. She’d follow the images she saw to Ceacilia.
Let’s just hope she’ll stay in one place long enough.
Di-Qui was sure to reach the bridge before his Master did. He had to prove himself responsible, and not this weak, youngling they were trying to shrink him to. He’d make sure they’d second guess themselves about Di-Qui Ren. When he reached the bridge, he was surprised to be accompanied by another. He had never seen her here before, why was she on the
:iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 1 1
~The Padawan 2~Chapter 8
Lydia Davis
Chapter VIII
Di-Qui looked the Jedi’s profile over, and over, hoping to see some sort of weakness, flaw, folly. He couldn’t fail. It was not an option. It was either that Jedi or his respect, honor, status, and approval of his master. He couldn’t risk so much on one task. The words on his helmet’s screen said the same thing every time he re-read it. Qui took off his helmet, and looked up at his reflection he saw on his window. The blood red lightsaber scar caught him by surprise. He lifted his hand and ran his hand over it. The coarseness of his scar irritated his fingertips, making Qui frown. Staring with deep concentration, Qui took another considerable stroke at his crimson red scar. It traveled from from the top left of his eye, to the bottom right of his cheek. He put his helmet back on, and relooked the data one last time, and then thought about the scar. The scar that would represent his final failure
:iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 0 0
YCH #1 Set Price :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 1 0 Mettaton Run run run icon FTU :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 1 0 =Away for Georgia Milestones= :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 1 1 DA ID Wheezee :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 3 0 MTT meme :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 0 4 United we Dunk :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 2 2 Bravewolf11's Request :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 3 2 BlackJackDrawings Request :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 4 3 Pay here :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 1 0 Fanfiction Writer :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 1 0 Lydia ID :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 2 0 Grillby :iconceaciliasolo:CeaciliaSolo 7 0


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The 'TV' Part 1

*I still wonder what bum would leave a tv in the middle of the road.


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Date: 4/8/17
Time: 301 minutes
Clock: 1:20 AM
Dedication: Thank Jesus for the patience to work on this. I love you Mummy. I know you're there, Ava. 
Credits:  Art by CeaciliaSolo 
Program Used: Fire Alpaca Onion Skin mode


Program(s): Fire Alpaca, Ms Paint, Paper and Pencil

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Lydia M. Davis
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